The first and only Art and Architecture festival in The Netherlands!

Lectures – Workshops – Panel discussion – Exhibition – Architectural City Walk – Music – Film – Games – Food and drinks

Arts and Architecture Festival

Cherish or Destroy
Friday 03.05.2024, 10:00 — 22:00

West Den Haag
Former American Embassy
The Hague
Lange Voorhout 102
2284 EH Den Haag

€ 15,00/5,00 (regular/student)

Eric Bolle, Tomas Dirrix, Elettra Fiumi, Gijs Frieling, Erik Hehenkamp, Jelle Hettema, Maarten van Kesteren, Moriko Kira, John Körmeling, Susanna Lindberg, Michiel van Loon, Lidy Meijers, Phoebus Panigyrakis, Jan van der Ploeg, Chris Smith, Elian Somers, Marcel Teunissen, Jacob Voorthuis, Chris de Vries, Anne Wellmer, Wouter Willers

Being, becoming, preservation, decay, conservation, innovation, progress, loss, evolution, degeneration, life, death, affirmation, negation, Cherish or Destroy. Wherever we create, whether in practical, conceptual, or aesthetic endeavors, we draw from the past to shape, improve, or, in other words, change our environment, thereby building our culture. Change is an inevitable phenomenon; we cannot stop the passage of time, and thus, the cycle of becoming and transience. However, humans hold a unique position as we possess the ability to reflect upon its process and intervene consciously. Both the arts and architecture revolve around these processes of creation and change. Whether something entirely new emerges in unexplored territory, or existing structures yield to innovative designs, a fundamental question arises: To what extent should we consider existing structures when creating something new? Is there a tangible or spiritual boundary that ought not to be crossed, an ideal guiding us on what to cherish and what to destroy?

Through the program, we explore the essence of this discourse – navigating the delicate balance between preservation and innovation that lies at the heart of discussions surrounding our ongoing creative relationship with the past and the future. The main goal of this event is to examine, through the thematic juxtaposition of ‘Cherish’ versus ‘Destroy’, the fundamental principles underpinning these concepts from the broadest possible perspectives.

The Cherish or Destroy festival marks the collaboration between art institute West Den Haag and the Heritage & Architecture section of the Faculty of Architecture at TU Delft. We invite everyone, from artists to urban planners, teachers to students, politicians to residents, to engage in exploring new perspectives and creative solutions for challenges regarding preservation and change within the realms of arts and architecture.

In the iconic spaces of the former American embassy, designed by Marcel Breuer, we invite you to join us for an all-inclusive day, with lectures, workshops, a panel discussion, a film screening, Haus music, an architectural walk, games and delicious foods and drinks. Together, we’ll playfully explore what to cherish, and what to destroy!

All festival activities are in English

Organized by:
West Den Haag
Heritage & Architecture section of the Faculty of Architecture at TU Delft

Supported by:
Municipality of The Hague
Ministry of Education, Culture and Science